Tuesday, February 12, 2008


hi guys.... this is ma spl page in blog....whch i may be updatin for almost every week..... there is nothin related 2 ne topic in here....but i hope u can enjoy....

1.Is muhammed ghazni an inspiration for hardwork???

we know people always insist the name of muhammed ghazni as an inspiration to make ppl wrk hard 2 achieve their dream.... but the real fact is ghazni never lost in any of his so cald raids in india... all he got was wealth..wealth and more wealth...
no doubt that ghazni targeted india..... cos he thot it wld be a piece of cake for him....india was like a treasure pot guarded by unqualified, immatur dwarfs in the name of kings....

keiber canal....paved way to one of the most finest "looter" in the world wherein he defeated a "indian king"(as defined earlier) named jayapal and now began the legal smuggling.....After getting addicted to the richness if india..... it has become a tradition for ghazni and his team to invade india every now and then..... India was like a re-charge oint for them..... and no wonder the highly famous "somnath temple" incident was the best example to xplain ghazni's attitude and mentality..

for those who duno abt this... here is the story... somnath temple is one of the most "precious" temple in temple....and precious means abundance in everything..so the reason that grabbbed ghazni's attention is quite obvious i suppose.... he thot this wld be cakewalk.... but it was not!!..... if u r a suspense lover.....u'lll luv it.... the anti-ghazini force tht was striking tht time was..."NORMAL PPL"..it included unarmed devotees and pujaris..... but for the "shah-in-shah" nothin mattered... and guess wat happened..... a preview show of "jallianwalla bagh-only wit knives and swords".... the ppl were slaughtered inhumanely and almost around 6 ton of gold was taken way by the "baadshah" himself...(i still wonder how they were carrying it???).....

so now kids..... you hav gotta reason... wenever any1 quotes ghazini as an example.... snob them wit the facts tht is told here.....

why am i here rather than helping you?????


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